Plastic Surgery as a medical specialty, deals with harmony, beauty, and function of the external appearance of the human body and face.

Plastic Surgery, aesthetic or reconstructive, is based more on the concept of "reconstruction or improvement" of the human shape and functions rather than on the philosophical idea of healing of a human "illness", which is the main issue for the other medical specialities.

An interesting part of Plastic surgery concerns the consequences of time passing on "natural beauty".

There are also several other situations in which harmony of the "human lines" has been disrupted by accidents or harmony has never existed since birth (genetic deformities) ...or just because the individual was not born "beautiful".

The Plastic surgeon devotes himself with respect to the preservation of the "human natural external appearance" and assists people to become "more acceptable" in the community in which they live.

Natural observation is the determining factor and key element of what is "beautiful" ...or better what is "not beautiful".

Plastic Surgery can enhance "self-respect" and the "feeling of dignity" of the interested person making him or her "happier" and why not, more "successful" in life.

ACEIP was founded on June 23, 2004 in Rome Italy by 12 European doctors that have studied plastic surgery with Dr Ivo Pitanguy the well-known pioneer Brazilian professor of this specialty from Rio de Janeiro (

The honorary President Prof Ivo Pitanguy was present and participated at the inauguration of this association.

ACEIP (Associazione Chirurgica Europea Ivo Pitanguy) has now 20 founding members, many effective members from all over Europe and many more friends from all over the world.

Each year, nine of the founding and effective members take the lead and all together (each one from his own country of origin) pursue the objectives of this association, mainly in the direction of improving the quality of Plastic Surgery.

They also work for the:

  • Foundation of their European School of Plastic Surgery
  • Organization of Scientific Events all over Europe
  • Continuous call between the Ivo Pitanguy Schools in Brazil and Europe
  • Cooperation with AEXPI (Ivo Pitanguy association of ex-alumni) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and
  • improving the good relations among plastic surgeons in general, all over Europe and the world.