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The ACEIP European School (Academy) of Plastic Surgery



Athens , 10/1/2006



On January 9&10, 2006, during their first International Congress, the members of the European Academy of Plastic Surgery of ACEIP, in collaboration with the Athens Medical Scientific Society met with the Scientific Community in Athens, Greece.

EAPS - ACEIP thoroughly examined the issue of Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery of the face and body.They also reviewed important subjects as tissue allotransplantation, beautification and rejuvenation of the face, augmentation, reduction, lifting of small or ptotic breasts, plastic surgery of the trunk and limbs. The details concerning all the above topics were examined through the lense of the updated international scientific data that concerns this specialty.

More details (as reported at the Press Conference given at the Foreign Press Association and later published in the Greek and Foreign Press scientists) were provided by Prof .of Plastic Surgery and Microsurgery Tomaz Nassif of the Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Dr Felice Garofalo, Head of Cliinica Mediterranea of Ragusa, Italy, Dr Isidro Sesma associate of Clinica Iberolatina from San Sebastia, Spain, Dr Konstantinos Manolis, associate of "Ygeia" hospital and Dr Ioannis Lyras, Head of the Plastic Surgery Clinic of the Athens Medical Center, explained that plastic surgery today offers excellent results worldwide and scientists perform on a constant basis operations as tissue transplantations to the face, use of medical implants for the improvement of the contour of the face, the breasts, the hips, etc. aiming at the augmentation of volume and the improvement of shape. Also, surgical techniques for the correction of the flaccid (loose) skin that is caused by the influence of time, certain diseases or accidents and the treatment of genetic deformities at any age.

As far as composite tissue allotransplantation (CTA) to the face, is concerned scientists interanationally are positive under certain moral (donor), deontological, (medical teams) legal (identity), technical (immunosupression) circumstances. These details rather be resolved before the clinical application of the method (awaiting for the final results of the French team) .

More precisely, statistic data of the most popular operations per gender, age and country are as follows :


Ages range :
1) 20-30 years of age 20%
2) 30-40 years of age 45%
3) 40-60 years of age 20%
4) 10-20 years of age 10%.

For women, the most popular aesthetic operations are:

  • Rinoplasty: 30%
  • Breast augmentation with breast implants 20%
  • Lipoplasty 20%
  • Face lifting 10%
  • Abdominoplasty 10%


For men:

  • Rhinoplasty 40%
  • Gynaecomastia 20%
  • Waist fat accumulation 15%
  • Ear correction - Blepharoplasty 10%
  • Hair transplantation 10%

The first seven countries are:


  • U.S.A. - Canada: 550.000 operations per year
  • Brazil : 350.000 operations per year
  • Japan : 250.000 operations per year
  • France : 150.000 operations per year
  • Spain : 100.000 operations per year
  • Germany : 100.000 operations per year

Greece steadily holds a position between 10 th and 20 th place, just as Switzerland, with about 10.000 operations per year.

All the above operations, meaning facial, breast and body operations (rhinoplasty, breast augmentation with silicone implants, face lifts, lipoplasty etc) have the absolute approval of the scientific community whilst the patient satisfaction rate reaches 92% worldwide.

The accumulated experience of Plastic Surgeons leads to the extraction of positive statistical conclusions which allow scientists to unconditionally recommend operations of Plastic Surgery of the face, breasts and body to the people interested under circumstances of security which anyway are always abided by, by medical doctors of any medical specialty.


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Foundation Date: September 23rd , 2005- during the Athens Meeting of the Board of Directors of ACEIP.