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Photos of some of our historical moments

First Period : 2004 - 2005


Prof. Ivo Pitanguy at his inaugural speech for the creation of ACEIP in Rome, with the European Ex-Alumni


Grand Hotel, Rome. The European Ex-alumni. 23-6-2003


The ACEIP founding members and observers from Europe at the official dinner in Rome, Italy,
23 - 6 - 2004


Honorary President Professor Ivo Pitanguy at the inaugural dinner with
ACEIP Founding Members, Rome, Italy,  23-6-2004.


Santa Casa Hospital. Rio de Janeiro Brasil.




3rd ACEIP general assembly,
21 - 5 - 2005, Eboli, Italy


Briefing of the Brazilian Minister of Culture, Mr Gilberto Gil, about the foundation of ACEIP and EAPS-ACEIP, during the Minister's visit in Athens, summer 2005.



The 23-9-2005 Athens meeting of the Board of Directors of the ACEIP .
The foundation of the European Academy of Plastic Surgery (EAPS-ACEIP)


Visit of EAPS-ACEIP at the Parthenon, Acropolis, Athens,Greece



Signing the memorandum of the EAPS-ACEIP with the UNIZKM. Hellenic-Italian Chamber, Athens, Greece, 24-09-2005


The EAPS-ACEIP directors and Professor Tritan Shehu after the signing ceremony, Hellenic-Italian Chamber, Athens, Greece, 24-09-2005


The famous Director Franco Zeffirelli, from Italy, after the premiera of the opera "Pagliacci" held in Athens Herodium Ancient Theater, 24-9-2005. The Board of Directors of ACEIP were present.


Dr Ioannis Lyras and Franco Zeffirelli, Athens, Greece 24-09-2005
Mr. Franco Zeffirelli sent his best regards to his friend Dr. Ivo Pitanguy, after the opera on this historical day of the ACEIP and the European Academy of Plastic Surgery.

Outside the Athens Herodium Ancient Theater at the "Pagliacci" opera. In the middle, the charge d'affaires of Brazil, Mirs Silvana Polis. 2005.


EAPS-ACEIP with director Franco Zeffirelli Athens, Greece, 24-09-2005


Turma 31(1989-1992) of the Ivo Pitanguy school ,operating together again after 13 years in Athens, Greece, 25-09-2005.


EAPS-ACEIP in the operating theatre of the Clinic of plastic surgery,
Athens, Greece, 25-09-2005



Second Period : 2006 - 2007

Preparing the Athens Congress in Gstaad, Switzerland with Prof. Ivo Pitanguy
4 January 2006



Opening of the first ACEIP and EAPS-ACEIP congress. Press Conferrence, Athens, Greece
9 January 2006


The joint seminar of EAPS-ACEIP with AKMI College, Athens, Greece

9 January 2006


The joint seminar of EAPS-ACEIP with AKMI College, Athens, Greece
9 January 2006


Dr D. Oikonomou, President of the Athens Medical Association, Dr. M. Maragakis, Secretary of the Athens Medical Scientific Society, Dr. I. Lyras, President of the Congress, Prof Tomaz Nassif, President of the EAPS-ACEIP Scientific Council, Mr. V. Rotas, Technical Coordinator, at the opening of the Athens first ACEIP congress.
10 January 2006


Prof. Ivo Pitanguy opening the first ACEIP and EAPS-ACEIP joint Athens congress
10 January 2006


Prof. Ivo Pitanguy lecturing and presenting his personal original techniques in front of the greek and european medical society during the Athens congress.
10 January 2006


The joint Athens Medical Scientific Society & EAPS-ACEIP international Congress, The amphitheatre of the Athens Medical Group HQ in Athens,Greece.
10 January 2006


The Europeans at the congress.
10 January 2006


Prof Tomaz Nassif (President of the EAPS-ACEIP scientific council)
lecturing in facial operation, Athens Medical Center
11 January 2006


The EAPS-ACEIP educational comission
during the first ACEIP congress closing dinner
11 January 2006




EAPS-ACEIP at a joint lecture of the Pontifical Catholic university
of Rio De Janeiro and the university Nostra Signora del Buon Consiglio.
2 June 2006


Director of the Ivo Pitanguy Institute, Brazilian Prof. Francesco Mazzarone lecturing.
2 June 2006


The Doctors at the lecture.
2 June 2006


The university
2 June 2006


Meeting of the EAPS-ACEIP Board of Directors


EAPS-ACEIP at the 55th World Congress of Cidesco International


EAPS-ACEIP at the opening of the 55th World Congress of Cidesco International


EAPS-ACEIP at the opening ceremony of the
55th World Congress of Cidesco International


Meeting of EAPS-ACEIP with the Secretary General of the Athens Medical Association Dr. S. Miliotis and the Secretary General of Cidesco Int. Mrs Iten from Switzerland .


The EAPS-ACEIP round table and the public


EAPS-ACEIP addressing the 55th Congress.


The round table, the speakers and the public


The round table of plastic surgery of the Congress.



EAPS-ACEIP at the closing ceremony of the
55th World Congress of Cidesco International



The first Mentor Paragon meeting in Rome, Italy
Prof. Tomas Biggs, President of the American Society of Plastic Surgery, with
EAPS-ACEIP President and ACEIP scientific director Dr Ioannis Lyras .


The first Mentor Paragon meeting in Rome, Italy
EAPS-ACEIP directors, were present.


Dr Ioannis Lyras addressing the European fenderation of thermal medicine and

climatology in Andorra on their 59th congress.


The first-Friends of the "Pitanguy European Academy of Plastic Surgery"

annual brunch on the Swiss Alpes


The " Friends' " are people, of all professions, connected to the Academy,

that participate in the annual meeting of EAPS - ACEIP

in the Swiss Alpes or Greek and mediterranean resorts.


Professor Ivo Pitanguy together with the President of the EAPS-ACEIP,

Dr Ioannis Lyras, extended their warmest wishes to all participants and

members for 2007 and the future.


The EAPS - ACEIP executive commitee

on 22 - 03 - 2007 prepearing the agenda of the 4th General Assemdly


From the 4th ACEIP General Assembly - Rome 26.5.2007.


EAPS-ACEIP together with Brazilian Professor Ramil Sinder (middle),
chief of medical planning of the Santa Casa de Misericordia hospital,
part of the Ivo Pitanguy Center of Studies in Rio de Janeiro,
at the Brazilian annual regional Congress of Plastic Surgery. 10-08-2007



Third Period : 2008 - 2010


Signing of the protocol for the creation of the

Pitanguy Ex-alumni Clinics and Libraries.

ACEIP Scientific Director Dr. I. Lyras & Vice Presidents Dr. F. Garofalo &

Dr. I. Sesma




From left : Dr. Charles Dufault, Dean of Buisiness Programs of Institut Universitaire Kurt Bosch (IUKB), Dr. Kingston Nyamapfene Dean of International Programs SUNY/ESC, Dr. Joyce Elliott Interim President of SUNY/Empire State College of New York,USA, Dr Ioannis Lyras President of EAPS-ASEIP, Dr. Alec Coutroubis Principal Lecturer of the University of Greenwich,U.K, a friend of the Academy and Prof. Francois Bonvin, Representative of the President of IUKB,Switzerland at a International Ceremony .


EAPS-ACEIP empementing the 2008 volontaire pro bono work plan under the title -"right to beauty for elderly people"-, in collaboration with CIDESCO Hellas, under the auspicies of the Mayor of Athens,Greece, Dr Nikitas Kaklamanis.. 01/9/2008.


EAPS-ACEIP with the vicepresident of ISAPS (international Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery) Dr. Susumu Takayanagi from Japan. 17-11-2008


Dr. Ioannis Lyras with Professor Henrique Cintra, chief of the Professors of the Ivo Pitanguy Center of Studies and Dr Lucas Calcado from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil,at the 11th congress of the Oriental Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in Cebu, Philippines. 18-11-2008


EAPS-ACEIP represented by president Dr. Ioannis Lyras (executive vicepresident of the Gusi Foundation), opens the annual Gusi Peace Prize Award ceremony for 2008 in Manila, Philippines. 24-11-2008


The "Olympus School of Human Sciences & Arts" Congress at Mount Olympus, Greece


From left: Deputy Mayor of Olympus, Mr K. Giantsios, Prof. of the University of Thessaloniki, Dr. A. Vritsios, President of the "Aristotle Institute", Deputy Minister of Health & Social Providence of Greece, Hon. G.Constandopoulos, Prof. A.Manthos, Rector of the Aristoteleion University of Thessaloniki, Greece, Dr I. Lyras, President of EAPS ACEIP, Mrs N.Kermidioti, wife of the Mayor of Olympus, and Bishop of Olympus, Father Ioannis.


The second-Friends of the "Pitanguy European Academy"

annual brunch on the Swiss Alpes. Christmas 2008.

(Dr, K. Panidis and Dr. I. Lyras in the middle)


EAPS-ACEIP doctors with some of their patients at the international Diplomat clinic of plastic surgery.



International Meeting of Aesthetic and Reconstuctive Facial Surgery, Myconos, Greece, Round Table on secondary rhinoplasty, 16/5/2009

From left: Moderator Dr N.Shulman (USA), Chairman Dr I. Lyras (Greece), Co-chairman Dr M.Frangoulis (Greece)


International Meeting of Aesthetic and Reconstuctive Facial Surgery, Myconos, Greece


From left: President of the Meeting and President of HESPRAS Dr. Lakis Mandrekas with President of EAPS-ACEIP, Dr Ioannis Lyras


the board of directors elected by the 5th General Assembly of ACEIP and EAPS - ACEIP meeting  

Budapest - Hungary 23-6-2009



Presentation of the book "The secret of Brazilian beauty" ( Author: Dr. Ioannis Lyras),ISBN 978-960-6650-36-9 published under the auspicies of the European Academy of Plastic Surgery-ACEIP and with the support of the Consular Corps in Greece (CCG).

Dr. I.Lyras with Rotary club of Volos President Architect Mr. D. Giannakopoulos , 28-5-2009


Emeritus Professor of Surgery of the Aethens Kapodistrian University Dr. Vassilios Kekis, introducing to the European public the first EAPS-ACEIP Book of plastic surgery written by Dr. I. Lyras.Athens Municipality Cultural Center, 22-6-2009


EAPS-ACEIP scientific director Dr. Felice Garofalo with Prof. Vincenzo Canzonieri (director of the Oncologic Istitute of Aviano and Prof. Tritan Sehu.Intenational meeting of patologic anatomy.22/08/2009


EAPS - ACEIP board meeting in Athens 28/09/2009


From the presentation of the first EAPS-ACEIP book "the secret of brazilian beauty"(writer Dr. Ioannis Lyras) at the Chamber of Heraklion, Crete, Greece, .Dr Felice Garofalo (ACEIP president) & Dr Ioannis Lyras (EAPS-ACEIP president) with coordinator Mr Manolis Hindirakis. 16-11-2009.

Mayor of Heraklion, Mr Ioannis Kourakis, Loudovikos ton Anogeion, Maria Spyridaki( Miss Greece), Keyla Pinto (Brazilian Embassy),Dr Felice Garofalo and Dr Ioannis Lyras


Dr. Manolis Klotzas, Loudovikos ton Anogeion, Hon. Manolis Stratakis(member of the Greek Parliament), Dr. Ioannis Lyras, Father Makarios(rep.of the Archibishop of Crete Irineos), Miss Maria Spyridaki, Dr. Felice Garofalo, Mrs Keyla Pinto


Fourth Period : 2010 - 2013

Anti - Aging Medicine World Congress & Medispa 2010 Monte Carlo, Monaco


Dr Henrique Cintra Director of the Ivo Pitanguy Institute ,Dr. Gisela Pitanguy Director of the Ivo Pitanguy Clinic ,Prof. Ivo Pitanguy Honorary Pressident of the 2010 AWMC congress , Dr. Sergio Levy Regional President of the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery (SBCP)of Rio de Janeiro, & Dr. Ioannis Lyras scientific Director of the Ivo Pitanguy European Surgical Association at the Grimaldi Forum. 10-4-2010.


Lecturers Dr. Sergio Levy, Dr Raul Gonzales.& Dr. Ioannis Lyras

Monte Carlo, Monaco 10-4-2010


The first academic private plastic surgical operation at the new Hygeia General Hospital HTH..17/7/2010

Plastic Surgeons Dr. Francisco Mahalo (actual President) and Dr. Poncino Manalo,(former President and Founder of the Philippino Society of plastic surgery) with EAPS-ACEIP President Dr. Ioannis Lyras, at the Makati Medical Center in Manila, the Philippines,



GPP executive vicepresident Dr. Ioannis Lyras, Honouring Professor Raoul Parienti of France with the 2010 GPP for his creation of Top-Braille.( This scientific invention is a personal assistant that allows a blind or a low vision person to instantaneously read any printed text directly in Braille or in vocal mode.For this invention alone, Prof. Parienti also received the 2010 first prize of the French Republic President at the international "Concours Lepine" in Paris).

From left to right, H. E. Ambassador V. Inal of Turkey, the GPP secretary general, GPP ex. Vicepresident Dr I.Lyras, the GPP American affairs secretary Mr. G. Bistis, Dr E.Gusi, Professor R.Parienti, Amb. B. Gusi, GPP Pres. J. Conception, GPP inc. President , GPP inc. Vicepresident Mrs A. Chiu, -back row :Mr. O. Revell and Mr D. Argyropoulos

24 -12 - 2010


EAPS - ACEIP President Dr. Ioannis Lyras with Soroptimist Presidents Mrs Bibi Straka and Mrs Maria Agnousioti - Keramyda, after a charity lecture at the Soroptimist International Club Volos. 11-12-2010.


Fellow Dr Maria Thanou from Greece receives the EAPS-ACEIP certificate at the Athens Medical Center.11-01-2011.


Dr. I.Lyras with hand surgeon Dr. D.Misitzis
in the operating theater at a seminar of hand surgery.



With G. Davvetas, Professor of Philosophy and Aesthetics at the Univercity of Paris VIII and his mother at the pressentation of his new book .



the 7th ACEIP general assembly at Hotel Quisisana, Capri, Italy 28-5-2001.


Deputy Mayor of Capri (health) Dr Bruno D'Orazi with Fellow Dr Pari Rapti and EAPS-ACEIP President Dr Ioannis Lyras at Marina piccola, Capri, Italia.29-5-2011


Ioannis Lyras MD with Paris Amorginos DDS

(member of the International Academy for Aesthetic Dentistry)

at the annual EAPS-ACEIP friends' reception in Capri, Italy. 29-5-2009.



EAPS-ACEIP at the cememony of the recitation of the Hippocratic Oath
during the 2nd International Meeting of Aesthetic and Reconstructive Facial Surgery
and the 8th Congress on Women's Health and Disease at the Archeological site
of the Asclepieion of Kos, Greece - 1/9/2011

Lecture: "From Ancient to Modern Plastic Surgery" -
Cultural Center of the Embassy of Egypt in cooperation with
the Cultural Department of the Embassy of Brazil in Athens
and the European Academy of Plastic Surgery,
on the occasion of the WDSPD ( World Day of Science for Peace and
Development of the UN and UNESCO 10 Nov 2011, Athens.


At the Greek Society of Writers with professor of plastic sculpture of
the Athens polytechnic university, G. Kalakallas (left)
and the Academician, professor of surgery of the Athens medical university,
G. Skalkeas (right). Ceremony about "the poetry of beauty".
5/12/2011, Athens.



Plastic Surgeon Dr. I. Lyras presenting a speech about aesthetic plastic surgery at the Filothei woman's association and Ekali Club 7/2/2012, Athens.


Joint seminar about the "aesthetics of a beautiful smile". Dr. I. Lyras and Professor

G. Douvitsas of the University of Athens, Greece. 11/2/2012.


Plastic Surgeon Dr. I. Lyras presenting a speech on beautifying and reconstructive plastic surgery on the occasion of the international women's day at the Municipality of Salamina, 4/3/2012


Dr. I. Lyras at the annual " friends of Pitanguy" party .Island of Spetses, Greece, June 23rd, 2012.


October 2012 Brazilian Cultural Month in Cyprus

The Presentation of the book "The secret of Brazilian Beauty" by plastic surgeon Dr. Lyras with the collaboration of the Honorary Consulate of Brazil in Cyprus, the Pharos Arts Foundation and the Ivo Pitanguy European Academy of Plastic Surgery (EAPS-ACEIP), Nicosia 18/12/2012


Dr. I. Lyras in Brazil. A historical decision-making visit at the Ivo Pitanguy Clinic of plastic surgery in Rio de Janeiro, April, 14th, 2013


10 th Greek Congress of plastic surgery (Reconstructive and Aesthetic) in Athens.Conference on breast reduction. Dr Yianni Lyras welcomes (as chairman), Dr Maurice Nahabedian, Professor of Plastic surgery at the Universities of Georgetown and Johns Hopkins, USA. 1-11-2013


Annual Pitanguy Cultural event on the Greek mountain resort of Metsovo. MD Ioannis Lyras with attorney at law Alexandros Dimas and MD Endicrinologist Pari Rapti (left) and attorney at law Nancy Antoniadi (right)- Christmas 2013.


Fifth Period : 2014 -

Dr Lyras presenting his new "triple plane" composit breast augmentation approach at the congress of the European Section of the International College of Surgeons (ICS) at Thessaloniki, Macedonia, 4/4/2014.

Dr. I. Lyras with the World President of the International College of Surgeons Prof. Adel F Ramzy in the XXVIII European Federation Congress of the International College of Surgeons "Surgical Challenges During a Time of Crisis", Greece 2014


Scientific Commitee


Prof. Farid Hakme and Dr. Lyras Ioannis


Athens Medical Group 2014-2015 Medical Postgraduate Continuing Courses. Course on ageing > Speakers: Plastic Surgery director, Dr I. Lyras, Dermatology Professor Dr. E. Georgala, Course Coordinator Internist Dr. G. Argyrakopoulou and Athens Medical Center Scientific Director - General Surgery and Robotic Surgery Professor Dr. K. Konstadinides.



Fellow Dr Nikos Papachristos from Greece receives the EAPS-ACEIP certificate at the Athens Medical Center. 27-05-2015


Certificate Ceremony of the 2014-2015 Academic Year of the Free Municipality University of Peristeri. Attica, Greece. 8/6/2015


1st Official ISAPS Educational Council «Brazilian-European Synergy reshaping the body» in Belgrade, October the 8th to 10th 2015

Ricardo Cavalcanti Ribeiro, MD, PhD, Rio de Janeiro - Raul Gonzalez, MD, Sao Paulo - Dr Ioannis Lyras Plastic Surgeon, Greece - Carlos Del Pino Roxo, MD, Rio de Janeiro - Dr. Nikola Ilja Milovancev.


Educational visit at the University of New Work in Prague, Czech Republic. 26.10.2015


The SA Ambassador of Brazil in Greece Mr Edgard Antonio Casciano, Vice Athenian Club Professor of Surgery at the National University of Athens Mr. Ioannis Gkogkas, the Honorary Consul of Brazil in Greece and member of the Board of the Consular Corps Greece (CCG) Dr. Ioannis Lyras and President of the Consular Corps in Greece (CCG) and Honorary Consul of Liberia in Greece Capt. Nikolaos Soutos. 08.03.2016


Annual graduation and certificate ceremony of the Municipal Free University of Peristeri. 30.05.2016