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Video message of Prof Ivo Pitanguy in Portugese on the occasion of the commemoration of 25 years of the Ivo Pitanguy Ex-Alumni association (AEXPI)

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10 - 2 - 2005
Message in Portughese from the Honorary President of ACEIP, Prof. Ivo Pitanguy, to the third general assembly of the ACEIP members , held on 12-2-2005 in Hotel Hassler, Rome Italy.


17 - 8 - 2005
Message in Portughese from the Honorary President of ACEIP, Prof. Ivo Pitanguy, to the members of the first ACEIP symposium and Board of Directors ordinary meeting, held on 23-24 /9/2005 in Athens , Greece

Meu caro Ioannis Lyras,

Ao receber a visita do Maurizio Papaleo mes passado, interei-me da excelente organizacao que voce e os demais companheiros estao imprimindo ao 1o Encontro da Aceip, que tera lugar no dia 24 de setembro, em Atenas.

Estou seguro que o 1o Encontro da Aceip cumprira a sua finalidade, que e a de promover o intercambio cientifico e social dos seus membros conforme a filosofia da nossa Escola.

Envio o meu cordial abraco e os votos de muito sucesso para o 1o Encontro da Aceip.

Professor Ivo Pitanguy



Video Message in Portugese to the participants of the first ACEIP and
EAPS-ACEIP congress in Athens Greece

10 January 2006

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2 June 2006

On the occasion of the first aggreement of collaboration between the
EAPS-ACEIP and a European University, i would like to congratulate the Directors and the members of our society for the good and persistent work that led to this historic success. I would also like to ask all my colleagues for an even more visionary, constructive and progressive collaboration with all the state, private and non-state institutions and organizations (in each one's country of origin ) that could be involved in the creation of the
" Ivo Pitanguy European School of Plastic Surgery".

Dr.Ioannis Lyras,
Honorary consul of Brazil in Piraeus, Greece.