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The ACEIP European Academy of Plastic Surgery


The Pitanguy European Academy of plastic surgery is a non-profit legal company, founded in 2005 with ethical objectives.One of them is the educational contribution to modern plastic surgery. In the future this scientific Academy will organize three year training courses in Aesthetic Medicine and Plastic Surgery reserved for graduate physicians and surgeons. The Academy is affiliated with at least one European universitySome of the professors and instructors have been ex-alumni of
professor Ivo Pitanguy in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil . Others have been long standing important international figures of this specialty .The teaching policy of the School will soon be ellaborated and it is considered as a European continuation of the heritage of the Ivo Pitanguy center of Plastic Surgery, founded in Brazil by important colleagues since the early 60's.The priorities in the clinical-aesthetic approach created and proposed by the School to it's clinics from all over Europe will follow the modern standards of our specialty today. Periodically, in a bulletin EAPS-ACEIP will be announcing the scientific results of its events and congresses.




The mission of EAPS is to introduce, conduct research into and provide information about the field of plastic surgery. It shall also make sure that free medical services are provided through its members, designed to restore health and socialy acceptable external appearance in low income classes.

It shall promote the principles, values and techniques of plastic surgery originally designed, developed , advanced and directly taught to the members by professor Ivo Pitanguy or by the members to their students . It shall continue the work of the Ivo Pitanguy school in Europe either independently or in conjunction with its associates in Brazil and throughout the world.

The main objects of EAPS are as follows:

A. To promote and encourage scientific and medical exchanges, particularly in the field of plastic surgery (aesthetic and reconstructive).

B. To promote the unity of and defend doctors practising in this medical field.

C. To further and advance knowledge and the techniques used in plastic surgery.

D. To contribute in resolving ethical issues pertaining to the activities and applications of plastic surgery

E. To organise professional conferences, symposiums and seminars on a national, European and international level, as well as encourage the ongoing betterment of a proper and broad training for its members.

F. In cooperation with Universities, Institutes, Schools or Clinics involved in a related scientific subject matter, to enhance and further enrich the theoretical and practical knowledge of post-graduate students at a national, European and international level. Backed by the accumulated experience of its medical and other members and based on their high-level medical and educational services, the aim of EAPS is to achieve the harmony, beauty and functional appearance of the human body and face. Its aims also include the reconstruction, restoration or improvement of genetic deformities or injuries caused by accidents to the human body or face.

G. In conjunction with psychiatrists, psychotherapists and physiotherapists, EAPS may provide to people, who have been operated on, consulting and support services in order to boost their confidence and their sense of dignity so that they may become accepted and successful.    

1. The use of suitable training, scientific, research facilities and physical infrastructure and modern audio-visual technology for the purpose of meeting both the educational needs and the creation of database in plastic surgery research and information centres

2. Under training and research programme agreements, linking and cooperating with major national, European, international and research organisations having similar objects, especially with the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil and Carlos Chagas Post Graduate Medical Institute, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil and the Associazione Chirurgica Europea Prof. Ivo Pitanguy (ACEIP), Ivo Pitanguy Institute - The Santa Casa 38th Infirmary, Ivo Pitanguy association of ex - alumni (AEXPI) and other private or non-state universities.

3. The development of effective information mechanisms (printed, electronic etc), as well as publications.

More specifically:

A. To organise and implement post-graduate courses under collaboration agreements with Plastic Surgery and medical schools, clinics and research centres. The aim of these post-graduate courses is to transfer the wide theoretical and practical experience to new colleagues interested in learning about classical and new techniques applied in the field of plastic surgery.

B. To conduct specialised research and study courses about the techniques of plastic surgery and the communication of the results. Cooperation with related medical specialties and paramedical professions shall constitute a multidisciplinary and multimode approach to the peculiarities of plastic surgery.

C. Publication of studies, research and a journal concerning professional papers published in the wider area of Surgery , and more specifically in the area of Plastic Surgery and the related specialties.

D. The establishment of a website and library database and a documentation centre to provide information, announcements and support for all educational, research and practical activities of EAPS, always aiming to the increase of the public interest in this specialty.

E. Cooperation with the media in order to inform the general public of the objects and methods, techniques and resuts in the field of plastic surgery.




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