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The ACEI Pitanguy European Academy of

Plastic Surgery

The Pitanguy European Academy of plastic surgery is a non-profit legal company, founded in 2005 with ethical objectives.

One of them is the educational contribution to modern plastic surgery.

In the future this scientific Academy will organize three year training courses in Aesthetic Medicine and Plastic Surgery reserved for graduate physicians and surgeons.

The Academy is affiliated with at least one European university

Some of the professors and instructors have been ex-alumni of
professor Ivo Pitanguy in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil . Others have been long standing important international figures of this specialty .

The teaching policy of the School will soon be ellaborated and it is considered as a European continuation of the heritage of the Ivo Pitanguy center of Plastic Surgery, founded in Brazil by important colleagues since the early 60's.

The priorities in the clinical-aesthetic approach created and proposed by the School to it's clinics from all over Europe will follow the modern standards of our specialty today.

Periodically, in a bulletin EAPS-ACEIP will be announcing the scientific results of its events and congresses.


On September 23rd 2005, the ACEIP board of directors founded the European Academy of Plastic Surgery, during their official meeting in Athens.

On September 24th 2005 the EAPS-ACEIP signed the first memorandum of collaboration with the University "Nostra Signora del Buon Consiglio".

On January 9th 2006, the EAPS-ACEIP initiated its activities during the 1st ACEIP scientific event in Athens, Greece

On June 2nd 2006, the EAPS-ACEIP, signed the agreement of establshment in 2010 of the Post Graduate Course on Plastic Surgery with the University "Nostra Signora del Buon Consiglio".

In 2006 and 2007, EAPS-ACEIP was well-present at the first Mediterranean Congress on Thermal Medicine (Loutraki) and at the 55th International Congress of CIDESCO (Athens), the 59th Congress and General Assembly of FEMTEC - European fenderation of thermal medicine and climatology - (Andorra), The Gusi International Award in Manila, (Philippines) and other important scientific meetings and events.

In 2008, EAPS-ACEIP held press conferences about it's objectives. It allso initiated the creation of "Pitanguy ex-alumni libraries and clinics" and the editing of books and magazines.

In 2009 the book of plastic surgery under the title "the secret of Brazilian beauty" (author Dr. Ioannis Lyras & colL" ISBN 978-960-6650-36-9 was published in Greece under the auspicies of the Pitanguy European Academy of Plastic Surgery.

Every year, people from different, but related, professional backrounds, called "the Friends" of EAPS-ACEI Pitanguy, will be meeting at various locations of the Swiss Alpes or the Greek resorts & islands and other locations. Interested people, have had their first Friends' lunch-symposium in St.Moritz on December 27, 2006.

All Projects are now under continous development.


EAPS-ACEIP scientific announcements


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Foundation Date: September 23rd , 2005- during the Athens Meeting of the Board of Directors of ACEIP.